Dinosaurs have taken over the Over 2's Unit this week. 

In conjunction with our School Leaver's party, our theme for July is Dinosaurs and the children have been exploring via Understanding of the World, Expressive arts and Science using a variety of textures, materials, and tools. 

They have been working together and really engaging in the different activities such as dino feet art, dino stenciling in different forms, archeological digs searching for dinosaur skeletons and even baking yummy dinosaur cookies.   The art work has been really expressive and the children's language skills have certainly developed as they are using complex sentences to link their ideas and asking lots of questions about the subject.

As a special surprise, we gave the children a dinosaur egg that was due to hatch.  As you can imagine, lots of conversations about how, when and why were had and a keen eye has been kept on the egg eagerly anticipating the arrival of the baby dinosaur.